It all started in 1986, two passionate guys—Ivan Smith, Vivian Taylor,with decades of experience in the luggage manufacturing industry, decided to found a luggage factory that can meet world-class standard, in last decades, the small-sized factory gradually grown into a big company and kept a close cooperative relationship with

many well-known luggage brand. In 1999 spring, in the hope of letting more customer enjoy the same quality at an affordable price, the two guys decided to create their own brand, that how Coolife comes.


From the day it was founded, Coolife company dedicated to carrying only the finest products and providing the best service possible. We continue the tradition of carrying top quality merchandise, unmatched customer service, and the most competitive prices in the industry to make customers’ journey safe and enjoyable. COOLIFE persists in its own idea to design, develop, and innovate new products for customers. We use innovative technology to design fashionable and reliable products which conform to ergonomics.


With quality, style, dependability and innovation in hard shell suitcase and soft shell suitcase, Coolife is popular among customers, we have an experienced and creative design team, so our luggage is a collection of innovative and classic. We dare to break the shackles of outdated, and also can hold the border. the two founders’ expertise are in luggage manufacturing and thanks to years of luggage manufacturing experience, we are critical to use a variety of materials and consistently produce quality work. 


Our dream is to offer an expansive selection of superior quality travel luggage that are young,high-quality and functional at an affordable price.We have the hearts of entrepreneurs and the mindset of owners. COOLIFE is not just in the business of making luggage, we are in the business of building confidence. Transport your travel essentials effortlessly and stylishly. What we want to offer our customers is more than a solid case, but the customer's own style and cool life. Ready to travel with your cool life?

The Coolife brand now enjoys worldwide recognition, trusted all over the world. 

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