Non-refundable Cases

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时间: 2017-07-24

Non-refundable Cases

Coolife accepts most returns within the 30-day return window, but we DO NOT accept returns for certain circumstances. Please carefully review the following scenarios in which you would not qualify for a refund: 

1. Products damaged due to customer negligence (i.e. improper assembly or usage, obvious man-made damage, etc.).

2. Scratches or other minimal damage that do not affect the overall functioning of the product being discovered after the product has been partially or completely assembled.

3. Products taken out of original packaging without manufacture defects.

4. Products labeled “Non-refundable After Unpacking” in the description section of the product page.

 In this siuatin,we can not offer mail (return)label. Please consult your preferred carrier and return the product.

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