Fees Assumed by You

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Fees Assumed by You

 1. For returns involving non-manufacturer defects, the following two fees will be assumed by you:

 1.1 Return Postage

 The cost of return postage differs based on the carrier. Please consult your preferred carrier for the approximate pricing. In this siuatin,we can not offer mail (return)label. Please consult your preferred carrier and return the product.

 1.2 Original Shipping Fee

 1.2.1 If free shipping was NOT included in your original order of the product(s) you are returning, we will deduct the shipping fee from your final refund total.

 1.2.2 If the product(s) in question being returned was bought with free shipping, a base shipping fee that was incurred by the company will be accounted for, resulting in a reduction of the overall refund. (For more information, please refer to Shipping Fee Reference List Table as shown below.). 


Shipping Fee Reference List Table 

Shipping Fee Reference List Table

WEIGHT RANGE(unit: lb)











 2. Returns that are typically categorized under ‘non-manufacturing defects’ include but are not limited to:

 2.1 Return(s) exclusively because of damage to the outer packaging.

2.2 Return(s) caused by duplicated orders.

2.3 Return(s) caused by cancellation request(s) sent after the order has been shipped.

2.4 Return(s) caused by inaccurate shipping address provided upon order placement.

2.5 Return(s) not based on the product having a manufacturer’s defect and simply due to the customer’s personal preference.

2.6 Return(s) caused by customer’s different monitor settings,the color may be a little different form the real item.

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